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A letter from Audrey, August 13th. Dear teacher, So, I´m in Adelaide, I recently arrived, but I have already visited several places such as the beach that has a crystal clear water, tomorrow I plan to visit the garden. I found a place here to eat called Cafe Bang Bang and I'm staying at the hilton adelaide hotel, for now it's just. Take care, Audrey


A letter from Isla, August 10th Dear friends, I'm in Stoneheaven, I arrived here 3 days ago. Firstly I went to the Belvedere Hotel, my first breakfast was in the Waterfront Bar Coffe. On the second day I visited Edimburg Castle. Now I'm tired I'm going to the hotel and i will write again. Bye, take care. Isla


A letter from Claire. Lima, June 20th. Peru, a amazing experience. I always had a dream to visit South of America. For me it could be so different and exotic experience, that many years ago I decided to go. So, in the last mounth, me and nine friends have travelled to Peru in vacation. We had planned all the trip before went, so we were confident. it was a wonderful experience. We have spent a nice time together. It's a colorful place. The local people are gentle and respectful, and the heritage of Incas is present. They're so proud of their culture. I´m busy now. I will write more as soon as possible. Bye, Claire


A letter from John, Cartagena das Índias, October 3rd Dear teacher, So, I have just arrived in Cartagena, it is beatiful. The weather is very hot! The streets are colorful, the people are receptive. On the first day, we have known Cidade Murada, it was wonderful! The city is historical, full of flowers in the street. After that, we went to Islã Barú island beach, that water was cristal! After that, we came back to the hostel, we had dance class. On the second day, we have visited Tierra Bomba island beach and we spent all day long in that island. On third day, we came back to Islã Barú with friends. They haven´t known yet. On the fourth day, we came back to Bogotá to go forward, and so the days were like that in Cartagena! See you teacher!!! Bye bye


A letter from Mary, Rio de janeiro,July 13th Dear Teacher. So,I'm in RJ. I arrived here 6 days ago. First day I rested. On the second day, I visited Aqua Rio, Museu do amanha and corcovado. My aunt prepared brazilian food Teke care, Mary


I'm brian, i arrived here five days ago and I couldn't write before. I'm on the track preparing the car for the big race. i'll go to the restaurant later, I'm starving. So, it is late. I will send another letter I'm going to the club bye.

Mr. Obama

A letter from Mr. Obama Geogia, August 2nd I m in Geogia, USA I arrived here 3 days ago I visited the bible museum, and stayed in the Plaza hotel I bought many clothes in the market and I walked in the park. On the Second day I went a fast food Im busy now. Next week i will write again. Take care, Mr Obama


A letter from Peter Boston, july 25 th Dear Rosana. So, I was in California on vocation. I arrived there on August 20 th. My days were very busy. First, I went to the hotel. It's not a luxurious one, but it is fine. Then, I rested for a while, I put my clothes in the closet and rushed out for a tour and some sightseeing. On the second day, I visited many places including the Long Beach, a wonderful beach. I swam a lot, sunbathed and had fun. In the evening, I wenta Mexican restaurant and ate "burritos" and "nachos". Take care, Love, Peter

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